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Basketball Camps

Throughout the year, we offer basketball camps to take advantage of school breaks and focus on basketball!

An Accelerate Basketball Camp is designed to tap into your child’s limitations as a player and improve them.  Our basketball camps will provide a competitive format to challenge your son or daughter to step outside their comfort zone and realize that is how they will improve!  We use the same philosophy applied in Stephen Curry and other NBA players training and scale it to train our kids.

When school is out, Accelerate Basketball Training is open!

Stay connected to make sure you don’t miss a workout.

“The trainers at Accelerate are so good at making you better at the things you need to play basketball. I run faster. I increased my lateral quickness which improved my defense. I am more mobile & athletic. When you work with them, you will be a more well-rounded player who can handle the next level — whatever that level may be.”

Rusty Reigel- Davidson College Player

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