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How do I get started?

Set up a free trial today! Contact us by email or give us a call at 704.499.9159.

What happens if I miss a session?

If you know in advance you plan to miss a session, please give us a call or send us an email, and we will make every effort to schedule a makeup date

How many kids are in a group workout?

Group programs add a competitive component to basketball training so we recommend these as part of each player’s program. Typically our group workouts have 12 players (1-2 coaches), and we often break into smaller groups of 4-6 athletes during the session.

Do you offer individual training sessions?

Yes! We offer both skill and strength one-on-one sessions. This is a great way to improve mechanics to apply them to group workouts and game situations. We recommend at least two individual sessions a month to complement the group workouts. We get to know you better, offer detailed instruction, and help you apply it in action.

I am already training in a group program. Does it make sense for me to do individual training?

Absolutely! This is actually a recommendation for all our athletes that are in group training. What better way to work on specific mechanics in an individual session then continue perfecting it in your group training!

I don’t live in the greater Charlotte area. Can I still train with Accelerate?

Absolutely. Get started right now with our innovative Accelerate Basketball Online training program. Receive daily workout videos straight to your inbox. Please contact us to plan a trip to Accelerate Basketball and schedule workouts.

What is the average player-to-trainer ratio in group workouts?

Our player to coach ratio is 6:1 in our group programs.

If my son/daughter joins a program in the middle of the month or year, will they be behind?

We are happy to work with your child to bring them up to speed in the program. Please contact us so we can discuss the best action plan.

Can I still train or sign-up for a program if my schedule won't allow me to attend every session?

Yes. Please contact us with any questions about the training schedules.

Can I drop my child off at Accelerate Basketball and then pick them up at the end of the training session?

Yes. Please come inside to pick them up to ensure the safety of all the children. We encourage our kids to stay in the building until their parents arrive.

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