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Get Better Faster.
Be a Game Changer.

Basketball Training for the Entire- Mind, Body & Skill

Basketball training to us is combining strength and skill with neuromuscular and cognitive training to advance your performance. The faster your brain communicates with your body, the more effective and efficient you will be on the court. Accelerate your game with us today.


Group Training

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Group training creates an atmosphere of competition and is core to the Accelerate Basketball Training program. Our goal is to get 90 minutes of work into a 60-minute workout, consistently building on previous workouts to enhance physical and mental development.


Redefining Player Development

Watch how Stephen Curry has taken his work ethic and turned it into success on the basketball court. We have been fortunate to develop a scalable 10-point player development philosophy through our work with boys and girls ages 5 all the way up to Stephen Curry.


We regularly offer short camps ranging from one-day to weeklong programs that enhance what we offer in our monthly group training programs. School holidays and breaks are the ideal time to put extra time in the gym. We also offer our training at several camps around the country. Accelerate Basketball might be in a gym near you!

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